Life Insurance Rates To Expect For Smokers

Life insurance is something that we use to give our families money when we have passed away. It is a time that we help them through the loss they have just experienced and it gives them a better way to handle the financial aspects of it all. Of course the life insurance company that you work with wants to help you out as long as you do not have a high risk of dying anytime soon. The longer they can push off paying out, the better it will be for them.

That is why it is customary for them to do a physical so that they can place you in the proper ‘risk category’. This is based on your general health and what you do in your personal life. One thing that might count as a strike against people is when they smoke and how often they do it.

These companies believe that the smoking will cause harm (this is medically proven) and they do not want anything happening to their clients.n Most life insurance companies will charge extra to people who smoke and others do not carry plans for them.

These companies believe that you are a smoker even if all you smoke is one cigarette a month. However, if you only smoke a cigar a couple of times during the year than you could get away with being labeled as a ‘non-smoker’. They do not take the cigar as seriously.

The life insurance company is going to ask you a series of questions concerning your health and the fact that you might be a smoker. You are required to answer truthfully if you want to get coverage through them. To make sure that the information they have been provided with is accurate they will also require a health examination from your personal doctor. This helps them to know what health conditions you might have and how bad they might be.

Consequence Of Lying

There have been many people who will lie about their status of smoking. They will rid their body of the nicotine a few days before the examination in the hopes that they will be able to get the lowest rates that are possible. This is called insurance fraud and if the company finds out about what you have done then they could fine you. This is something that should not be taken lightly.

Smoking After You Signed The Papers

Many people want to know what will happen to them if they start up smoking after they have had the life insurance policy for a year or two. They are afraid that they might be accused of fraud even though they were not smoking at the time they received it. In a case such as this you are not required to tell the insurance company anything. You also do not have to worry about them trying to change your policy is something should happen to you unless the cause was from smoking.